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for fun™. >>> we did not receive the miracle we prayed for. >> heart break in west virginia. overnight the bodies of four missing miners were found inside a coal mine. how officials are trying to stop the tragedy from happening again. good morning, i am aaron gilchrist. and a little cool this morning, but a nice day, justin. >> yeah, that's right. it's a bit of a chilly start. we are not used to this, and it has been a week and a half since we have seen temperatures down in the 40s, but this is typical for an early morning april start. and still some 30s showing up across the virginia piedmont down towards culpepper, and even towards the mountains we are looking at the 30s. here in the district, mid-40s, and prince georges county, and frederick another cool spot at 39 degrees. the sun will come up at 6:39 this morning, and plenty of sunshine warming us back up this afternoon. and just a beautiful forecast, and we will have the complete details coming up. >> average is pretty nice these days. thank you very much, justin. >>> we are following breaking news from russia this morning. that'
. >>> controversy about the confederacy, a proclamation from virginia's governor sparking intense debate while opening old wounds. now he's conceding he made a major omission. i'll also speak with the former virginia governor doug wilder. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid, youtube didn't exist. and facebook was still run out of a dorm room. when we built our first hybrid, more people had landlines than cell phones, and gas was $1.75 a gallon. and now, while other luxury carmakers are building their first hybrids, lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles. and that's quite a head start. ♪ >>> huge controversy erupted over a decision this week by virginia's republican governor to decembsignate april confeder history month. cnn's kate bolduan is following the story. >> reporter: virginia, known for its civil war battlefield, its capital richmond was the capital of the confederacy, now a must battle over that legacy. virginia republican governor bob mcdonnell has declared april confederate lift month to understand the sacrifices of the confederate lead, soldiers and citizens.
>>> coming up next on eyewitness news saturday morning, news out of west virginia. the search is over, the rescue operation for four missing miners has come to an end. what rescue workers discovered overnight. >>> end the call, talking on your cell phone while driving will soon cost you. when the ban will go in effect. >>> home opener let down, fans back orioles park, but leave disappointed as the birds let another one slip away. >>> a chilly start to your saturday. meteorologist tim williams is here with an updated look at the first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning,. welcome to eyewitness news saturday, i'm gigi barnett. >>> i'm tim williams. it's a cool start. good morning to. >>> you chilly, cool,. >> all the cs as opposed to the hs, hazy, hot and humid. temperatures on target for where we should be this time of year. we have a few clouds out there. you see a lot of blue. a lot of sunshine. good day to be outside without being too hot. not the really warm temperatures we had earlier in the week. no 90s. we are closer to
that is so. gov. bob macdonald of virginia, someone who ran as a pragmatist, someone who is leaving behind his hard conservative origin, he just issued a proclamation for confederate history month. he was actually trying to avoid controversy, and it was not written in the inflammatory way george allen did a decade ago, but running through the proclamation, it completely take for granted that all of virginia in1861 was white. all of virginia was for secession, and all of virginia was fighting for a self-ruled. that is not true. a third of virginia was black. much of virginia was loyal to the union, and they were fighting to on other people. if you have someone for whom that history was more than they had read in the book, we would be having a firestorm with the republican party had immolated its own hopes of building a bigger base. bob macdonald should have had a big carrier in politics. he has done himself a lot of harm, not out of malice, but out of blindness, and that is why someone like michael steele is really necessary, not as a racial thing. if you are the democratic party and everyo
? disaster strikes in west virginia, a mine explosion kills dozens raising questions whether the media ignored warning signs. liberal stormtrooper david schuster gets iced at peacock news for enemy lines and working on a secret project on cnn. is this the final strike? a main conduit of abuse from the white house to the american public, now the white house press corps may be a recommend ne -- remnant of the past. and tiger on course, are the media still taking shots? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. conservative columnist, anded degree tantero. jim pinkerton, and news day columnist, the legendary ellis henican. i'm jon scott, news watch is on right now. >> together we've stopped that and proven the benefits of cooperation. today is an important milestone for nuclear security and nonproliferation and for u.s.-russian relations. >> jon: president obama signing the biggest arms reduction treaty the white house says in 60 years, with russian president medvedev on thursday. the news from prague was met by mixed reaction from the press. take a look, in the
in west virginia. the four remaining miners are found dead. we'll have a live report. mourning the dead in kurdistan, the new government says the state could haviers are looted and they count the cost of violent protests. >>> an american grandmother triggers an incident when she sends a 7-year-old boy back to moscow. >>> thank you for joining cnn. i'm natalie allen. this is "world report." the worst u.s. coal mining accident in a quarter century just became the deadliest in 40 years. at a news conference in west virginia, officials confirmed what had been feared for several days, that four missing miners have been found dead. a massive explosion on monday killed at least 25 miners. search crews made a fourth attempt to reach an area of the coal mine where the men could have taken refuge. but the governor says they never made it. >> none of the shachambers had n deployed and none of our miners suffered. so this journey -- this journey has ended. and now the healing will start. >> funerals for four of the victims were held on friday including a 61-year-old miner who was just five weeks fr
might get it. rescuers are back in the west virginia mine looking for signs of life but chances are survival are slim. bob barnard live in the newsroom with the very latest. >> reporter: west virginia's governor joe manchin says we should know around midnight whether tonight's final rescue mission was successful. will the four missing miners are found alive or not? officials are not sounding hopeful. in this perhaps the final hour of the weak-long west virginia coal mine disaster rescue mission teams on upper big branch are getting ready to start something else the families want, the recovery of 18 bodies still trapped in the mine. >> they just want to take their fathers and their husbands and their sons, their uncles, they want to take them home. >> reporter: as some families begin to bury victims recovered right after the blast, officials say others still waiting on the mountain remain strong and compassionate. >> they come up to me and they feel sorry for me, you know. i mean, the rescuers as bad as it s it's nothing close to what these families are going through. we're going
advisory in effect, mainly for the shenandoah valley, the panhandle of west virginia. for the media metro, temperatures in the upper 40's, mittal 40's tonight. the extended outlook and the warm-up, the cool down, and chance of showers. jennifer? >> thank you, steve. >>> coming up, a 13-year-old tries to make hiory with a record-breaking time. plus, international outrage. >> i am alive and northwest with the japanese street festival just wrapping up, part of the cherry blossom festival. that is coming up. >>> now story that has caused outrage in the u.s. and russia, all over the treatment of a child, a russian orphans adopted by an american couple, then put on a airplane and sent back. rachel barton has the story. >> what happened to this 7-year- old boy sent shock waves halfway around the world. >> we're obviously very troubled by it. it >> the adoptive parents threw him out. >> this woman adopted the child from a russian orphanage last september. earlier this week, she sent him back by himself on the 10-hour flight to moscow, along with a note saying he was violent and has cber -- and ha
stevens, who will turn 90 this month. >>> at the upper big branch mine in west virginia tonight, efforts are accelerating to find four miners who are still unaccounted for after monday's deadly explosion. west virginia's governor is promising a conclusion to the search by midnight. steve hands elelsman has the th story. >> reporter: are any of the four missing miners alive? >> we will know if we have that sliver of hope, that miracle and bring finality to this closure tonight. >> reporter: earlier rescue teams made it to the first of two shelters where survivors might have taken refuge. it was empty. no one inside as seen in this earlier animation. until that news, virginians held out hope, not anymore. miner allen cox, his face still black from today's shift. >> it's heart wrenching. those guys are trying to feed their families the best way they can. >> reporter: rescuers and drilling teams that face terrible conditions of fire finally put out by nitrogen tonight. the huge explosion monday was known to have killed 25 men, 29 if the missing men aren't found in the second shelter. the fun
in west virginia. the men's bodies were found late last night. law enforcement paid tribute to the victims who were carried in a parade of ambulances. in all, 29 people died in the mine explosion, making it the worst u.s. mining disaster in this country in 40 years. today's devastating news of the miners' fate rattled the closely knit community. >> it's a heavy-hearted community holding on to a fragile thread of hope. when that thread broke, the pain was excrutiating. >> we did not receive the miracle we prayed for. this journey has ended. now the healing will start. >> that was west virginia governor joe manchin. president obama demanded accountability and a thorough investigation into the explosion. >>> georgetown university is on alert this evening after a female student was sexually assaulted yesterday in her dorm. news4's darcy spencer is live the at georgetown with more on an incident that left students there very much on edge. darcy? >> reporter: hi, pat. students tell me this incident happened in what's considered to be a very secure dorm building. they say, in fact, you have to sw
virginia. the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in 40 years. overnight search crews found the bodies of four more miners, a total of 29 people were killed. >>> in bangkok, more violent clashes between thai police and government protesters. 15 people were killed today including a cameraman for the reuters news agency. nearly 500 were hurt. protesters had been in the streets for weeks. they want the prime minister to resign. >>> next time you fly on spirit airlines, leave the carry-on at home. all right? or i guess if you're checking it, it wouldn't be carry-on. it could cost you 45 bucks to stow it in the overhead. the discount carrier caused major turbulence this week when it became the first to impose a carry fee -- a carry-on fee which takes effect august 1st. after that, it might cost more to fly your luggage than yourself. what's next? pay toilets? don't laugh. one european airline is planning to do it. don't babies fly free on your laugh. i'll have to ask ben baldanza that, the ceo of spirit airlines. do babies fly free if they're on your lap? >> babies under 2 fly free. >> what
. >> four west virginia families get the worst possible news from the governor. searchers found the bodies of those missing miners that appears to have all perished in monday's methane gas blast. >>> the plane that crashed in western russia carrying the poland president crashed in heavy fog early this morning. 96 russian people were on the plane, poland's version of air force i. no one survived. he was leading a delegation to russia of the seventh anniversary of the massacre of poland's prisoner of war. they're now acting as a country in mourning, and world leaders are offering their sympathies and support as well. >> translator: on behalf of the russian people, i send the deepest and sincerest of condolences to the people of poland. and to the loved ones of those deceased. on monday, april 12, russia will have a national mourning day. >> president barack obama called the deaths, quote, devastating to poland, to the united states and to the world, and he said that president kaczynski was a distinguished statesman who played a key role in the solidarity movement, and he was widely admired i
the four miners missing in west virginia did not survive the deadly explosion. where their bodies were found. >>> the grandmother of an adopted russian boy packs his bags, puts him on a plane to moscow alone. now her decision is sparking outrage on both sides of the globe. >>> and the scandal that rocked his life hasn't hurt his golf swing, tiger woods is near the top of the leader board at the masters. rafer weigel tells us what woods needs to do to win another green jacket. >>> you're watching hln on this saturday, april 10th. glad you're with us, i'm susan hendricks. >>> we begin in west virginia where the search for those four missing miners has come to a tragic end. rescue workers found the miners' bodies last night. a mine safety official says rescuers actually passed the bodies on earlier trips into the mine, but conditions inside the shaft were so bad, they couldn't see the miners until last night. families, of course, were hoping the miners were waiting for rescue in one of the underground safety chambers, but west virginia's governor said this. >> none of the chambers had bee
ignore recommendation not to land? >>> mine tragedy in west virginia. we now know what happened to the last of those missing miners and why the search took so long. >>> a a adoption scandal. the latest tonight on the little boy put on a plane alone, sent back to russia by the american woman who adopted him. >>> and the mystery, a first look in years at the relic some believe is holy. others say it's hype. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening from the white house and capitals around the world, condolences are being offered tonight to the people of poland after a tragic plane crash that has claimed the lives of that country's president, his wife and many other prominent officials. in all, 97 people died when the jet went down on a flight from warsaw to russia. tonight the polish government, an important american ally is devastated by the loss of not only its president, but its deputy foreign minister, head of national security, and a number of lawmakers who are among the victims. tonight at this late hour, back in warsaw, an outpouring of emotion continue
news. >>> rescue crews are within 2,000 feet of the west virginia rescue chamber. governor joe manchin is predicting the end of the sock at tonight. tonight's rescue mission is the fourth attempt to find the four miners who are missing that killed 25 in the explosion on monday in the worst coal mining disaster since 1984. >>> fire ripped through an apartment building in hillcrest heights around 9:00 in the 3100 block of good hope road. flames were on the fourth floor of the seven-story building. the fire has been put out. no injuries have been reported. the cause has not yet been released. >>> washington wizards guard gilbert arenas has begun serving his sentence on gun charges. he arrived at the montgomery county jail this evening and will spend the next two days there before he is releed to a halfway house. he received a 30-day sentence for bringing guns into the wizards' locker room. >>> the district is bracing for a traffic nightmare before the nuclear summit. it will cause numerous road closures in and around the convention center beginning sunday night. it is an already busy week
trabajadores en una mina en virginia occidental, tras encontrar humo y senales de incendio en el interior... los esfuerzos continuan para rescatar a algunos trabajadores que podrian haber sobrevivido al desastre minero.. segun los expedientes un inspector de seguridad encontro que la administracion de la mina consideraba mas importante la produccion que la seguridad del personal...las anotaciones del inspector estan incluidas en un informe de 140-paginas que funcionarios federales dieron a conocer este viernes... el juez de la suprema corte john paul stevens, anuncio hoy su jubilacion, dejandole al presidente barack obama una segunda vacante para ocupar en el maximo tribunal de estados unidos... stevens dijo que se retirara al comenzar el receso de verano de la corte, a fines de junio o principios de julio, y expreso sus esperanzas de que su sucesor sea confirmado con bastante anticipacion al comienzo del proximo periodo judicial en octubre... grupos hispanos esperan que el sucesor del juez stevens comparta su vision en interpretar las leyes... "la voz y el puesto de este juez steve
, the three elections that happened last fall, and in january, virginia, new jersey, and van, -- and january, the democrats tried to payment the republicans as crazy conservatives against modern society and it did not work. the country is conservative on those issues but if you go to the first question of what is the biggest vulnerability, the polls show the number one concern for people is jobs. and they are not focusing on jobs. if they have a supreme court nomination it will suck up all the objects -- oxygen. >> what does that mean for july? they hope for progress on immigration reform. >> those issues are not something that help you get more jobs. i am not saying the government can create jobs but they can create a condition for it and they will move toward november 2010 with weight on their ankles and have a problem on the health care. >> we were talking about the president's criticism taking asked questions by george stephanopolis what people are saying, do you sense the same thing, that up like former president bush who let stuff role off his back, president obama gets his chest stick
dashed in west virginia final four unaccounted for miners now found among the dead inside that mine. we'll get a live report on the blast investigation. also efforts to recover -- >> who will make president obama's short list of candidates to replace justice stevens? lines being drawn as members return from spring break. >>> first, republican national committee chairman michael steele addressing the southern republican leadership conference. blasting the democratic leadership for their handling of the nation and finances. urging members of his party to throw them out of office in the upcoming midterm elections. saying watch ton cynicism needs to be replaced by the people's aspirations. carl cameron is live in new orleans. the chairman has been under fire recently. how was his speech received today? >> reporter: pretty well. it want the packed house that some of the more speakers offered. this was not a republican national committee meeting it was the southern republican leadership conference. a gathering of 14 states and 3500 people from aren't south. mr. steele's chairmanship speech wa
, massive intensity does that translate what happened in virginia, massachusetts, new jersey? >> absolutely it does. >> sean: does this intensity hold through november? >> this intensity had better hold through november, yes. [ inaudible ] >> we have an unprecedented opportunity sean to take this country back. you have laid out clearly in your book the way to do that how you can get principled conservative leadership back in washington to change the course of this station and it stars with these folks right here. >> sean: you walked out here tonight and got a massive reception from the crowd here in new orleans. you had a strong defense from newt gingrich. governor palin defended you. some have attacked you. some have gone after you. what is your reaction to that and response? >> i'm trying to do the best i can as national chairman. >> sean: you have three victories under your belt. >> new jersey, massachusetts and virginia. [ cheering ] >> this is the bottom line. i stay focused very much on winning in november. i'm going to work very hard to make sure more republicans, more conservatives
happened in virginia, massachusetts, new jersey? >> absolutely it does. >> sean: does this intensity hold through november? >> this intensity had better hold through november, yes. [ inaudible ] >> we have an unprecedented opportunity sean to take this country back. you have laid out clearly in your book the way to do that how you can get principled conservative leadership back in washington to change the course of this station and it stars with these folks right here. >> sean: you walked out here tonight and got a massive reception from the crowd here in new orleans. you had a strong defense from newt gingrich. governor palin defended you. some have attacked you. some have gone after you. what is your reaction to that and response? >> i'm trying to do the best i can as national chairman. >> sean: you have three victories under your belt. >> new jersey, massachusetts and virginia. [ cheering ] >> this is the bottom line. i stay focused very much on winning in november. i'm going to work very hard to make sure more republicans, more conservatives get into the senate and then to congress in
by the soviet secret police. heart break in west virginia, the four missing west virginia coal miners have been found dead deep inside the mine, shattered by a powerful explosion on monday. their debt bringing the total killed by that blast 29, making this the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. we'll have much more on the developing story in our next news break. back to bulls and bears. >> brenda: buy health insurance or lose the tax refund. the irs boss saying his agency has the power to do it. if you disowe bare the health care law, we've been worrying about these in the law. >> a lot of stuff is coming out after the thing is passed and sure enough. now we find out that the irs is going to be empower today make sure we comply with health insurance, if we don't they can fine you $750 or 2% of the income. if you don't pay they'll take out of the refund and god forbid you don't have a refund and still don't want to pay, put you in jail. this stuff is ridiculous, heavy hand of the law looking over your shoulder. >> brenda: who else to do it, the irs. we are a nation of laws and regulatio
. >> yes. 5:29. 43 degrees. the tragic result for the search for four west virginia miners. >> rescuers worked their way back into the mine and were close to answering the big question -- are any of the four missing miners still alive. >> west virginia's governor announcing the final four missing miners were not found alive. >> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks for joining us. >> john is here with another look outside. it was almost 80. >> all of a sudden we jumped to summer and we want to stay there. and it was the nice part of summer, too, because it wasn't humid. spring is like that. april can have highs and lows and all kinds of stuff. it technically can even produce a little snow. >> oh, don't say it. >> they probably saw a few snow flakes as the recommend -- remnants of that weather maker came through. it takes longer for new england to see spring the way we all envision spring. they are getting the colder side of it. there is a new area of rain coming in from the cold front along with wisconsin, minnesota, michigan this morning. we'll talk about temperatures on o
overnight, making the explosion in west virginia the deadliest in almost four years. cnn's inez ferrey has the details. >> they were hoping for a miracle. but the sliver of hope is gone. >> none of our miners suffered. so so this journey has ended. now the healing will start. >> the governor says that the families are pulling on all their strength. it'sen an excruciating five days for the families. rescue workers had gone into the mine this weeks, only to be pulled back because of the conditions of the mine, but when all was said and done, the four missing miners were found dead. >> when they reported to the command center, it was very professional, with respect, that's on the outside. on the inside i'm sure it was hurting them more than anyone could imagine. >> reporter: officials say a full investigation will be done now on the worst mining tragedy in the last 40 years. ines ferre, cnn, west virginia. >>> what can they do for an encore now? we're headed to new orleans. enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those b
the pilot was advised not to land. >>> hope turns to heartache. every one of those west virginia miners died. tonight, did they even get close to that rescue chamber? >>> was it a cry? new fallout after that mother shipped her adopted son ck to russia. >> coaches caught. three dozen swimming coaches banned. a staggering cases involving young girls. brian ross on the case. >>> and get back. 40 years ago tonight, the beatles' breakup. just who was that song aimed at? >>> good evening. poland's prime minister burst into tears when he heard the news today, that his country's president was killed in a plane crash. an aging jet carrying poland's president, his wife and much of the polish government's leadership crashed early today while trying to land in dense fog in western russia. tonight we are learning more about the pilot being strongly advised not to land. we begin on this story with our senior foreign correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: the jet fell from the sky and with it a large part of poland's most senior leadership. the pilot tried to land in a thick fog at least twice missing the
just over the river, in to west virginia tonight across eastern kentucky and over the river and i'm going to be reading from a piece about judy bonds, and it is titled "the endangered hill billy." there's a heaviness that hangs over the town of west virginia. like the fog from the nearby big coal river, it seeps through the streets, past the empty store front, on up the mountainside to the rows of house that is overlook the town. it has become the invisible resident, a testament to the flight that has taken place over the years, even as the profits of the mining industry have soared. many of the buildings on the main street are vacant, pocked by broken windows, boarded up with plywood. only a few businesses barely hold on, an auto shop, a law office, a motel. the sign for a local diner boa boasts hot fried baloney sandwiches. inside, a handful of people gather at the counter for their midday dinner. one can hear the exhaustion. people are tired, although the town is located within boone county, the leading coal producing city in the state, nearly 30% of residents live below the po
virginia mining town. crews discover the bodies of four missing workers, ending a desperate nearly week-long search for survivors. and deadliest u.s. mining disaster in decades. >> lot of times you don't think about it. we're part of one big family pretty much. >> first to the tragic plane crash, polish president lech kaczynski and his wife both dead as well as many of the country's top military and civilian leaders. officials have recovered the president's body and the plane's black box. and as you can see, much of that plane destroyed in the crash. no one on board survived, in all 97 people dead according to officials. it's a staggering blow to the polish government. the other victims, include poland's army chief of staff, the national bank president, deputy foreign minister, army chaplain, head of the national security office, deputy parliament speaker, civil rights commissioner and at least two presidential aides and three lawmakers. their plane went down in western russia near the city of smololensk, the pilot was trying to land in thick fog and 26-year-old soviet airplane. today p
teachers in new york display a very questionable sense of humor. hope is about gone in west virginia. in the search for survivor of the terrible mine disaster. >> chris: nuen funerals began today for some of the victims of the mining disaster in west virginia monday and the hope for finding survivors is growing dimmer. correspondent molly henneberg is in montcoal, west virginia. >> reporter: today supporters let the passerbys know they're pulling for four still unaccounted for miners. >> we still hold out hope. we are a brotherhood. we will hold out hope until we prove them wrong. >> for rescue teams, another frustrating day. >> not a lot has gone our way. >> reporter: the first rescue team this morning was turned back by stokes of a fire. and they bore another hole in the mind to drop down a camera and see if the four missing miners could be in the last fe fuge chamber -- refuge chamber but the hole hit a pill lear. >> we could put a jammer in it but there would be nothing to see. >> by mid-afternoon it appeared the air was safe enough for two rescue teams to go back in. as the tigh
unaccounted miners for in west virginia but crews have, in fact, confirmed that the last four, in fact, are dead. they have found bodies. that means now that 29 people died in monday's explosion that the west virginia mine. worse mining disaster in this country in almost 40 years now o. officials say the miners never made it to the safety chamber that is had food and oxygen. >>> more members of congress watching their backs. lawmakers reported 42 incidents of reports in the first three months of this year, that's nearly three times the 15 cases that were reported during the same time period last year. some of those threats were connected to the hard-fought battle over health care reform. >>> a plane carrying 132 people including poland's president and first lady has crashed in rush yeah. russian official says there are no survivors. a spokesman for poland's foreign ministry said the plane was approaching a airport and appears to have hit a row of trees. >>> want to turn back to the story keeping an eye on all week out of west virginia. the explosion that happened there and people holdi
are also following a developing story in west virginia. overnight crews found the bodies of four missing miners at the upper big branch mine. the death toll stands at 29. the mission has shifted from rescue to recovery. steve is in raleigh, west virginia, with the very latest. >> reporter: this time rescue workers could see clearly and when they got deep in the mine they counted 22 bodies, and the four missing miners were among them. they were killed, said officials, by the original explosion on monday. the first wave of rescue workers missed the first four. miner, allen cox, his face still black from today's shift. >> it's heart wrenching. they are trying to do what i am doing, feed their family and take care of them the best way they can. >> reporter: now the remoovl of the bodies and the full investigation. >> the only good thing that can come out of this is educate everybody and put regulations in place to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: members of the extended west virginia family hit by the worse mining disaster in the u.s. since 1970. president obama has promised
? the governor of virginia apparently didn't think so. that's ahead. stay with us. >> jesse: there is my two guests holding up my new best-selling book, "american conspiracies." i've got a question now. that book has been on "the new york times" top ten best-seller list now for four weeks. wait. and yet there hasn't been one mainstream review of that book. why do you think the mainstream media will not do a proper review of my book? >> let me do one right now. let me read it real quick. i did evelyn wood. hang on. >> jesse: well, you don't have to -- but why wouldn't they do a review of this book? it's obviously popular. it's selling like crazy. they review every other book, and not one mainstream media outlet has reviewed that book yet. >> that's the problem, jesse. we're so polarized these days. you've come on my show. you talked about 9/11. a lot of people have questions about 9/11. that doesn't mean everybody is a kook about it. >> i think maybe the media is too busy following sarah palin around the country and trying to figure out her next move. and that's why they're just too busy. >>
por una explosiÓn en una mina en en west virginia, el Último paso por los investigadores serÁ no dejar de remover hasta la Última piedra para saber cuÁl fue el motivo del accidente. adelante, lourdes. >> west virginia despierta hoy de una de sus peores pesadillas, la explosiÓn que causÓ la muerte de una veintena de sus hijos. >> no recibimos el milagro por el que habÍamos estado orando, ya encontramos a los desaparecidos, estamos recuperando el cuerpo de los 29 valientes mineros. prÁcticamente no ha habido nadie que no haya sentido esta tragedia como suya. >> han sido unos dÍas bien duros porque cada dÍa mi esposo sale para el trabajo y... y rogando y rezando porque hubiera un milagro para que esos mineros se hubieran sadÓ salvado y eso. es muy triste. >> los equipos de rescate tuvieron que detener sus esfuerzos en tres ocasiones y salir de la mina por la alta toxicidad de los gases. >> lamento no haber podido rescatar a los mineros, decÍa kevin, quien estuvo al frente de la operaciÓn. entre ayer y hoy se le ha estado dando la cristiana sepultura a 7 de los mineros que habÍ
for the senate in florida. virginia thomas, wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas and she is starting a tea party of her own. that comes up on tax day. coming up here, forget deporting illegal workers. new government plan protecting their pay. it sounds outrageous but someone says it will put more legal americans back to work. you want to hear that flip side next! ♪ at the end of the day in sitka, alaska, everyone awaits the return of the fishing boats. ♪ their safe arrival is highly anticipated, ♪ as is something else. a shipment of natural sea salt from cargill, essential for preserving the catch. we deliver the salt on precise schedules... and ship it efficiently all along the alaskan coast; saving the fishermen money, and their catch. this is how cargill works with customers. >>> this is a fox news alert. hello. i'm uma pemmaraju. nation in warning amid word the leader died. president of poland and 96 others killed in a plane crash in western russia. president obama is calling the loss devastating to poland, the u.s. and the world. also on board that plane the polish preside
>> esta noche en Última hora. >> avanzan las tareas de rescate en virginia, socorristas estÁn cerca del lugar donde se cree que quedaron atrapados cuatro mineros. largos aÑos de prisiÓn para un bomberos de nueva york que prendiÓ fuego una vivienda, y despuÉs se quiso hacer pasar por hÉroe. obama dice que no se tardarÁ en reemplazar al juez de la corte suprema de la naciÓn. revelan una carta de la dÉcada de los 80, donde hoy el papa habrÍa protegido a un sacerdote federal. los jÓvenes caminando hacia washington por una reforma migratoria y estudiantil narran su ardua travesÍa. >> Éste es noticiero univisiÓn Última hora, con enrique teutelo. >> gracias por su sintonÍa aquí. familiares consternados comenzaron a sepultar a las vÍctimas de la explosiÓn en la mina en virginia. mientras los socorristas descendÍan a la mina en una desesperada bÚsqueda de sobrevivientes hasta enviada especial en vivo. buenas noches. >> aquÍ el sentimiento que predomina es frustraciÓn, son dÍas los que estos mineros han estado desaparecidos, son dÍas tambiÉn los que las persona que
running for the senate in florida and the virginia thomas, wife of justice clarence thomas. but first, a labor boss says americans are angry. he has that right. is he dead wrong on why they're angry? (announcer) the sinus triple threat. (announcer) not just sin headache... ahhhh! but pressure... and congesti. introducing sudafed pe® triple action™. for morcomplete relief from the sinus triple threat. sudafed pe® triple action™. more complete relief. >>> a lot of americans are angry. frankly, we should be angry. it seems throughout history there are plenty of purveyors of hate and division looking to profit from the hurt. >> cheryl: the president of the afl-cio says americans have right to be angry over what he calls economic betrayal. gerri you say americans are angry but at unions. >> it's no surprise that folks are ticked off here. consider the executive order from the president that says the unions will get preferential treatment on bidding on contracts. nobody likes to see that. we saw the auto industry bailed out. if that wasn't a sweetheart deal for unions i don't know wha
for the future of the court. >>> we begin with developing news from west virginia. crews are making another attempt to rescue four missing miners trapped in the upper big branch mine. the governor says if those miners are not found by midnight, this rescue mission will become a recovery operation. thanks for joining us this even. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. fox 5's bob barnard following the developing story down in the newsroom. >> reporter: we should know in about two hours how this week- long story ends. will the four missing coal miners be found alive or will their bodies have to be recovered with 18 others still buried in the mine. rescue teams are going back into upper big branch one last time to see if four missing miners made it into one of the mine's deep refuge chambers. >> we believe without any unforeseen problems that we would not know of, that we'll be able to know if we have that sliver of hope, if we have that miracle and to be able to bring a finality to this and a closure tonight. >> reporter: the first miner funeral was held today for 61- year-old benny willingh
virginia coal mine. it brings the death number to 29. they were hoping they made it to one of two chambers in a rescue chamber. >> none of the chambers had been deployed. and none of our miners suffered. so this journey has ended. and now the healing will start. >> nbc's brian moore is live for us in west virginia. brian, good morning to you. very sad news culminating in the confirmation of the death of these four miners. tell me what's going on there in terms of the mood of everybody. it can't be this came as a surprise. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, alex. definitely sad news but certainly no surprise. authorities had expected this outcome almost from the beginning. but they couldn't give up and they really wanted to give this community the sense, the survivors, the miners will have to go back into this mine at some point down the road, the sense that they had done everything possible, that they had given these four unaccounted-for miners the chance it turns out they didn't have to begin with. it turns out the rescue crews that went in in those chaotic hours went right past these four
the worst coal nine disaster since 1970. we go to molly, live at the scene in west virginia. >> reporter: as the governor said, quote, we did not get the miracle we wanted. he came in and told the media just a few minutes ago, those four unaccounted for miners have been beinged for. they are dead, along with the other 25 inside the mine. they were trying to get to that last refuge chamber, the last place they could have been and still been alive. they made it there today after four tries, but the chamber had not been deployed and they found the four bodies in an area that rescuers had gone by previously, but because of the conditions and the low visibility, they hadn't seen these bodies. now they have accounted for all 25 and now as the governor said, the healing can begin for the families who have waited anxiously since monday afternoon, for word of what had happened to their loved ones inside the mine. >> tragic news for the families, molly. we heard from a federal mine safety official. he said there will be a thorough investigation, both at the state and federal level. what can you te
majority of married people, the head by filing joint returns. host: west virginia. caller: i went like to ask you a question first. host: go ahead. caller: can you consider having one person on since this coal mining disaster has occurred. that is right in my backyard. i like to hear his perspective on what is going on. he is right there in washington, d.c. i had a couple of questions for kevin. i am 58. this year i can take money out of my traditional ira. is that correct? can i role that over to a roth ira and then i am responsible for the tax on that? i have an illness that requires me to buy air purifiers that are quite expensive. can i claim those on my tax as a medical expense? guest: air purifiers like that is considered a medical expense. you have to have to itemize deductions for that. and they must exceed 7.5% of your a.g.i. in a few years, that will go up to 10%. if the total exceeds 7.5 senna of your income, then you can deduct medical expenses -- % of your income, then you can deduct medical expenses. there is no penalty if you roll money from one ira to another. the big t
of the confederacy. >> confederate history month in virginia. wasn't thrilled -- slavery worth a mention? >> slavery was the controlling central issue and i don't know anyone with historical credence to would differ with that. >> the united states has used nuclear-weapons only twice -- against the japanese cities of hiroshima and nagasaki toward the end of world war ii. afterwards japan surrendered. then the soviets wanted one and the nuclear arms race was on. president obama announced he is reworking america's nuclear strategy, scaling back the role of nuclear weapons in the nation's defense and putting limits on when they can be used. in prague the president and his russian counterpart signed an agreement to cut the nuclear weapons by one-third over the next seven years. president obama is pledging not to go nuclear against countries to abide by the nuclear non- proliferation treaty even if they attack the united states with chemical or biological weapons. the president's critics say he is weakening our defense posture. do you agree? >> know. funny, there are a lot of loopholes -- what news -- wel
. monterey in west virginia was at freezing and now is now 40. temperatures will rise quickly once the sun gets a chance to do its thing. scattered cloudiness fpble the next weather feature we deal with is this cool front out to the west. we get warming and the temperatures go down once again. that's the story of april. in montana, it up in the teens. 61 to 66 the high. right in the normal range. west winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. futurecast shows this front, a couple sprinkles by sunday evening. the front comes through here with clouds. maybe a sprinkle. maybe all it will do is pull the temperatures. ahead of the front is warms up, behind it, the temperatures drop off. ahead of the front 73 tomorrow. the front passes through tomorrow night monday morning, maybe a sprinkle, and then tems drop off again. 63, 67, 75. a gradual warming trend next week with a shower chance by the end of the week. >> some of the world's most fames jewels at bargain hunter prices. all at the smithsonian. >> and a day of free family fun and adventure while giving savage park a mae make-over. >> a >> a restaura
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of poland and his wife along with dozens of others. >>> first let's begin in west virginia. jim axelrod has the latest on this coal mine disaster. >> reporter: good morning. early this morning rescue workers confirmed what had been feared here all week that yes, those four missing miners were indeed dead. conditions were so bad inside the mine, so much smoke and so much dust, that those rescue teams had actually walked past the bodies of these mean miners their first trip on monday. just after midnight, a grim governor joe manchin of west virginia matt announcement. >> we did not receive the miracle we prayed for. we have accounted for four miners that had been unaccounted for. we have a total of 29 brave miners who we're recovering at this time. we have been spending time with the family as you can tell. it's a very difficult time, they're strong, loving and good people, but very, very hard times. >> reporter: you heard the governor talk there about 29 miners. seven bodies were taken out right after the explosion, that mean 2/2 more have to come out of the mine. no time table on that. a co
virginia have been found. 29 in all were killed. and now, the town begins burying its dead. >>> supreme shakeup. justice john paul stevens announces he's retiring, giving president obama another chance to reshape the high court. who's on the short list? we cover all the angles. >>> and adoption uproar. saying she can't handle her adopted son, an american woman puts the 7-year-old on a plane back to moscow alone. we have the latest on the international outrage, including an exclusive interview with russia's president. >>> good morning, america. i'm bill weir. >> and good morning, bill. i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, april 10th. every parent is talking about that adoption controversy in russia. in fact, the russian president calls what this mother did was a monstrous deed. while the mother said she was lied to about the child's mental health before the adoption. we'll get into all of that later on. >> she put a note on his backpack and put him on a plane. we'll get to that in a moment. >>> we begin with breaking news out of western russia, where a plane crashed overnight, killing at
at a west virginia coal mine ended in tragedy and sorrow. four missing miners have been found dead, bringing the overall death toll in this week's explosion to 29. president obama is promising a thorough investigation and accountability there. >>> and republican national chairman michael steele gets a vote of confidence despite speculation his job may be in jeopardy, a letter supporting steele has been signed by a majority of state party chair men. steele is speaking today at the leadership conference. we'll be monitoring his remarks. >>> now back to today's top story for you, investigation is under way into a plane crash in western russia that killed the president of poland and numerous other polish officials. there is no indication terrorism was involved. the plane crashed in heavy fog during a landing attempt in smolensk, russia. it may have hit some trees at the end of the airport runway. you see some of the trees in this picture here. a polish delegation was heading to a ceremony. all 97 people on board that plane died. world leaders including president obama are reacting to this plane
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